Fall: Qualifying Season

Attendance at LIHEAP is mandatory to remain an ASAP client.


Continuing to Participate / Rollover on ASAP

  • Participants must Recertify Annually by signing-up for LIHEAP Subsidy at their local Community Action.
  •   LIHEAP then provides the intake information needed to verify continued eligibility.
  • Then to be eligible for ASAP, participants must 1) qualify and receive a LIHEAP pledge to their LG&E account and 2) continue to meet ASAP program requirements.
  • Please note: receiving  a LIHEAP pledge does not guaranteed ASAP Recertification or the same benefits (as they are recalculated based on the latest LIHEAP application).
  • Each participant must meet the minimum benefit calculation of $200, in order to rollover to the next year’s program.
  1. LIHEAP Subsidy season begins in October and runs through December. During this time your subsidy is based on your gross household income.
  2. LIHEAP Crisis seasons begins in January and runs through March. During this time you must have a past due balance or brown bill notice from LG&E.

For LIHEAP appointments call:

Agencies & Businesses

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