Top 10 Reminders

…to make sure your ASAP Benefit Payment is paid BEFORE your bill prints!

1.Always Pay your Bill IN FULL AND BY THE DUE DATE each month.            You no longer qualify for LG&E’s 3-day extension. 

2. Always Pay the Amount Due AT THE TOP OF THE BILL; never subtract our partner payment from the amount due or your account may be placed ON HOLD.

3. Look for ASAP’s Partner Payment in the Billing Information Sectionit should read: “Your bill this month  includes a payment in the amount of $ ______ from Home Energy Assistance (HEA). This credit, in addition to any other payments made, is displayed on the “Payments” line in the Billing Summary section of your bill. The balance must be paid by the due date in order to continue service.”  If you do not see this notice or a payment on the bill, then your partner payment from the previous bill was not paid “on time”.

4. Do Not Get a BROWN BILL! Our Goal is to help you pay your LG&E bill      ” In Full and On Time” each month.

5. Contact LG&E about signing-up for the FLEX Program. If you receive Social Security Insurance, Social Security Disability, a pension or a monthly income payment, you may qualify to receive a continuous, monthly extension, to allow your check or payment to arrive before your next bill is due.

6. Contact us if you receive a WARNING letter. Let’s discuss the situation, so that the a TERMINATION letter is not sent in the following 2 weeks.

7. Contact us if you MOVE or your payment will be More Than 1 Week Late.

8. Get your  home  WEATHERIZED as  soon  as  possible;  remember  this  is  a program requirement. Let us know if your landlord needs further explanation.

9. Call METRO UNITED WAY 211 or METRO CALL 311 for referrals.

10. Sign-up with LIHEAP Subsidy for LG&E assistance in November or December and save the credit to cover your December-January bill. In September, we’ll send a LIHEAP reminder letter.

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