Continuing to Participate / Rollover on ASAP

  • Participants must Recertify Annually by signing-up for LIHEAP Subsidy at their local Community Action.
  • Remember: Participants get on ASAP through LIHEAP, so they must again sign-up for LIHEAP to rollover the following year.  
  • LIHEAP then provides the intake information needed to verify continued eligibility.
  • To qualify for LIHEAP, participants must to meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines at 130%. 
  • Then to be eligible for ASAP, participants must 1) qualify and receive a LIHEAP pledge to their LG&E account and 2) continue to meet ASAP program requirements.
  • Please note: receiving  a LIHEAP pledge does not guaranteed ASAP Recertification or the same benefits (as they are recalculated based on the latest LIHEAP application).
  • Each participant must meet the minimum benefit calculation of $200, in order to rollover to the next year’s program.

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