How ASAP Works

Participants receive monthly bill credits on their LG&E account, as long as their account is CURRENT.

Annual benefits are set at $400, $600, $800, or $1,000. The credit amount is based upon household income, household size, and utility bills for the past 12 months, with an adjustment for monthly normal heating degree days and any significant changes in utility pricing.

The benefit is determined based on the amount of subsidy needed to make the energy bill affordable. The formula assumes that the participant can spend a certain percentage of income on energy, based on household size. The percentage ranges from twelve percent for a one-person household to five percent for a household with ten or more members.

  • ASAP is a PARTNERSHIP program, where ASAP only pays a portion of the participants’ LG&E bill.
  • Participants are expected to “Pay the FULL remaining balance by each DUE date” during the program year.
  • If participants are unable to pay their bill in FULL and ON Time, then their ASAP account is put “On Hold” and a letter is sent, giving them 2 weeks to make their account current. Only then could benefits resume.
  • After 2 weeks, if a past due still remains, participants receive a 2nd letter: Warning Notice. Again, they are given 2 weeks to make their account current. When current, benefits may resume.
  • Finally, after 4 weeks, if the account still has a past due balance, then a Termination Notice is sent, and the participant is removed from the program.
  • As a courtesy, participants are given 30 days to appeal their case for reinstatement.
  • The appeals are reviewed once a month and if the appeal is accepted, participants may be reinstated with the condition that they do not fall behind for the remainder of the year.
  • Should a past due balance occur again, the reinstated participant will receive “final termination status”, be permanently removed for the year and all benefits would cease. Participants may only appeal once a year.
  • After final termination or for un-appealed cases, participants cannot re-qualify for the following year.
  • Should they qualify again in the future, they would need to receive a new invitation and repeat the enrollment process again as a new participant.

How Participants may be Removed from ASAP

  1. Failure to maintain a current account.
  2. Failure to comply with program requirements.
  3. Refusal of or incomplete weatherization services.
  4. Residency outside of the LG&E service area
  5. Failure to maintain accurate and current address information.
  6. Submission of inaccurate information or the failure to disclose relevant information.

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