Our Program

ASAP: The All Seasons Assurance Plan

A year-long, INVITATION only program, ASAP provides a monthly benefit payment for low and fixed income households. We aim to ease the burden of high energy costs by making utility bills more affordable.

Our Program offers utility assistance, case management referrals, energy conservation education and weatherization services to our LG&E participants, through various local providers. By doing so, we help to reduce utility disconnects, brown bills, arrearages and uncollectible accounts, while encouraging home air-sealing, which stabilizes our moderate income households.

As a Partnership Program; ASAP pays a portion of the participant’s LG&E bill each month. Participants are then expected to “Pay the FULL remaining balance by each DUE date” because the bill is now more affordable. This makes paying bills by each due date easier, which is a requirement to receiving future benefits. Finally ASAP provides assistance year around; thus the name, All Seasons.

How ASAP Works

ASAP Requirements

Income Guidelines

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