Spring: Orientation and Enrollment

ASAP Qualifications:

  1. Have Qualified and Received a LIHEAP Subsidy pledge.
  2. Have an income of $100 or more a month.
  3. Have qualified housing and your named is listed on a lease.
  4. Respond to our mailed invitation to attend an Orientation and
  5. Enrollment session during February – June.
  6. Invitations are not guaranteed.

Qualifying for an invitation begins with signing-up for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) during the Subsidy phase. Potential invitees enroll at their local Community Action Agency for LG&E assistance and, as long as they qualify and receive a LIHEAP pledge, then they may be eligible for ASAP.

Through a partnership with Community Action Kentucky (CAK), Affordable Energy, then receives a list of LIHEAP clients in the LG&E service territory. Clients that meet all ASAP requirements are then added to our invitation list. Invitations are sent from mid-January to May or until all spaces are filled.

If you received an invitation, click on the following links for more information:




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