Here’s a sampling of what our 2015 Participants have said:

Thank you so very much! I am a 78 year old widow and life has been extremely hard for me, as my only income is Social Security. If it had not been for your help I would have had to shut the house and move into one or two room living quarters. ~MB 

This year ASAP helped me with buying shoes for my grandchild for school and putting money on my water bill. Thanks for your help! ~NS

I have not been late or had my electric disconnected all year because of ASAP!!  It has been the biggest help and truly a lifesaver! Thank you so very much for helping people, it makes a BIG difference! Please don’t stop this program. ~TM

I had an evaluator to come and after inspection, installed insulation around 2 doors. This cut down air holes and my bill was adjusted through this grant, which allowed me to afford my utility bills and to buy groceries and put a little money aside for emergencies. Thank you for helping me to be able to live in my house. ~HP 

ASAP helps my family HUGELY! I’m not sure we would have made it through winter without their help. We live in an old house with zero insulation. During the winter months my LG&E bill can go up to $500-$600, even when keeping the heat very low. The help from ASAP is a big assistance in being able to survive winter. Myself and my family are grateful for your program. Thank you so much ASAP! ~MR 

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