ASAP 2017 Program Year is under way!

As of January 25th, all Recertification Status letters have been mailed and January Benefit payments have begun. Thank you all  for your patience!

Remember the mail date at the top of your bill must read January in order to receive payments. If not, then your January bill has not yet posted.

For those, who did not Recertify, please follow the directions on your letter. If you qualify to Appeal, then provide all required documents to us no later than Wednesday, February 1st,  for consideration.

Fax to: 502-893-1910 and call 502-893-7842 to verify receipt or

Mail to: Affordable Energy – ASAP, 150 S. State St., Louisville, KY 40206                  Image result for louisville kentucky winter trees

Hope you’re enjoying the Snow-free Weather! 


  • Make sure that your account stays current – Pay your bill “in Full and by the Due Date”.
  • Let us know immediately if you move, plan to move or if your phone # has changed!
  • You’re welcome to share all this information with family and friends, but remember, if they are interested in ASAP, they must:

– Have Qualified and Received a LIHEAP Subsidy pledge this past November or December 2016.
– Have an income of $100 or more a month.
– Not live in Section 8 or any subsidized housing (reduced rent based on income).
– Respond to our mailed invitation to attend an Orientation and Enrollment session this coming February – June.
– Invitations are not guaranteed.

Remember ASAP strives to ease the burden of high energy costs by helping with your LG&E Bill, so that you DO NOT GET A BROWN BILL.

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year!

Your ASAP Team,

Liza, Tasha  & Barbara