Fall Season 2016

 Halloween Greetings!                            


The Cooler Weather has Arrived. Enjoy the Fun of Halloween and Stay Safe! 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Logo

It’s time to sign-up for LIHEAP Subsidy in Jefferson County!

An Automated Scheduler is now available 24/7:

  1. Call (502) 991-8391
  2. Online at: http://www.louisvilleky.cascheduler.com/
  3. Take care of this immediately, as appointments will go quickly.

Remember, you must Qualify and Receive a pledge from LIHEAP this November 1 – December 9, to be considered for ASAP 2017 Recertification. Recertification and similar Benefit amounts are not guaranteed.


  • ASAP payments are made in November and December, so save your pledge for January, since our program does not begin until after January 15th.
  • Make sure that your account stays current, so that Recertification next January is possible.
  • Let us know immediately if you move, plan to move or if your phone # has changed!
  • You’re welcome to share all this information with family and friends, but remember, if they are interested in ASAP, they must:

– Qualify and Receive a LIHEAP pledge this November and December.
– Have an income of $100 or more a month.
– Not live in Section 8 or any subsidized housing (reduced due to income).
– And Respond to our mailed invitation to attend an Orientation and Enrollment session next January – June.
– Remember, invitations are not guaranteed.

Remember ASAP strives to ease the burden of high energy costs by helping with your LG&E Bill, so that you DO NOT GET A BROWN BILL.

Wishing you all a great Fall and Winter Season!

Your ASAP Team,

Liza & Tasha